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Illinois Child Abuse Hotline reports drop in calls but can be misleading

Daycare centers, schools, and preschools are shut down around the country due to the Coronavirus and Illinois is taking part in a statewide effort to contain the virus as well and now reports from the Department of Children and Family Services states that the abuse and neglect hotline have dropped dramatically over the past week. However, Child-welfare services and experts are saying otherwise. They believe the decline in cases simply reflects abuse not being reported and the fear that many children are now at even more of a risk for abuse with the newly added stress of work and health as well as isolation.

As kids are not in school their protects or safety advocates such-as teachers, social workers and counselors are not able to spot the signs of abuse or report the allegations.

“Unfortunately, we know there aren’t changes in the number of children being abused or neglected,” DCFS spokesman Jassen Strokosch said.

Now is an essential time -around the WORLD – to be cautious with your children’s safety and to be aware of child predators both online and in person.

For more than 25 years, Jeff has enjoyed a reputation for aggressive and tireless advocacy on behalf of his clients. He understands the unique issues involved in the representation of survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

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