"If I were speaking to another family of abuse I would tell that if you are looking for someone to take you seriously, treat you with respect and integrity I would call the Herman Law firm."

"I hired Herman Law because, “they were just as passionate about defending my daughter’s rights as I am."

“Herman Law has definitely made it much easier on me and everybody here has been very understanding and has just been wonderful and amazing. … I feel really empowered like there’s a light at the end of my tunnel now, so to speak.”

"Herman Law, particularly the paralegal, she's been amazing. She always validates my feelings and what I'm going through and my phone calls. She listens to me and I feel validated, like I have power over what happened and power over what's going to happen. It makes me feel like I'm not alone anymore."

"It takes a little guts to come up and say all this stuff now. You know, try not to be judged. But the people who do this kind of stuff, they should be judged."

"Thank you so much I really appreciate everything you and Herman law have done for me. Working with you has been a pleasure despite having been under such circumstances.'s been my pleasure to be a client of Herman law."

"I could not of had a better representation anywhere"