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Attorney Referrals

Herman Law dedicates 100% of its practice to representing victims of sexual abuse in civil lawsuits. Herman Law is often contacted by clients in the middle of litigation and we are asked to replace the previous attorneys moving forward. Based on these experiences, we believe that sexual abuse cases are not the typical “personal injury” case, and require the skills, knowledge, and experience of attorneys who dedicate their careers to this area of law.

Herman Law welcomes and appreciates attorney referrals and encourages those attorneys who are presented with a potential sexual abuse lawsuit to contact us and discuss how to move forward in the best interest of the client.

I recommend Jeff Herman for sexual abuse cases based on my experience co-counseling cases with him in the past. His experience is second to none, he’s very passionate in representing victims of sexual abuse, and very compassionate when dealing with the victims and their families.” –

Steven Farbman, PI Trial Lawyer