Do You Know Who is Caring for You?

When someone becomes ill or is involved in an accident, they trust that the doctors, nurses, and hospital employees involved in their treatment and care will be professional. Unfortunately, physical limitations and medications such as sedatives and anesthesia make a patient vulnerable to sexual predators. Our attorneys have represented clients who allege they were sexually assaulted during what should have been routine medical care.

In one case, a woman alleged she was raped during a CAT scan and while heavily sedated. In another case, our attorneys represented a woman who alleged she was sexually assaulted by a male nurse during an examination in the emergency room of a large South Florida hospital.

When hospitals fail to protect the patients entrusted to their care and those patients are sexual assaulted or raped, the hospital is at fault. They may be liable for negligent hiring for failing to conduct a proper pre-employment screening and negligent supervision/retention for failing to act reasonably in response to the dangers posed by its employees. Our attorneys represent victims of rape, sexual abuse, and sexual assault in health care facilities nationwide.