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Community Service

Herman Law believes that the best way to protect children and prevent sexual abuse is through education. 

Herman Law volunteers, works with, and contributes time and resources to several organizations that provide educational services and awareness to help prevent sexual abuse of children and adults.

Pro Bono representation is very important to Herman Law. Although we are unfortunately, not able to take on every case that is presented to us, Herman Law will, in certain circumstances, accept cases Pro Bono (without charge to the client). In the event we are unable take on a specific case in any capacity, however, we will do our best to guide the victim through this difficult time, and explain the steps they should take to move forward.

Jeff Herman volunteers to train law enforcement officers and other professionals across the country on how to appropriately talk to child sex abuse victims in forensic interviews in ways that are empowering, appropriate, and likely to result in a truthful and full disclosure.

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