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Herman Law is the nation’s leading law firm for survivors of sexual abuse. We measure success not solely through financial settlements or verdicts but also by empowering our clients as they heal.

We give victims a voice. Our lawyers work directly with survivors and their families to provide the tools and assistance needed to make decisions regarding filing a civil suit.


Experienced Legal Advocates for
Sex Abuse Victims

Herman Law exclusively represents sex abuse cases nationwide. The legal professionals at Herman Law have championed thousands of sexual abuse cases for brave men, women and children for over 25 years. Our attorneys have been nationally recognized as some of the strongest victim advocates in the area of sex abuse litigation.

Our team’s most notable cases include institutional sex abuse in religious institutions, the foster care system, schools, health care facilities, camps, day care centers, the Boy Scouts of America program, and other organizations.

We understand not only what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve justice for our clients but also which paths to take in order to achieve that justice.

Why Victims of Sexual Abuse
Choose Herman Law

Herman Law recognizes that healing from sexual abuse is a complex, multi-dimensional journey. A civil lawsuit is only one part of the journey. Our team of talented lawyers is prepared to represent all types of victims, from children to adults, in all types of sexual abuse in civil cases.

Herman Law is knowledgeable in the varied types of claims available for sexual abuse survivors in both state and federal law. This is significant because sometimes the most widely used claims are not in the best interest of the client due to damage caps, statutes of limitation, and other procedural issues. Our team understands the nuances of sexual abuse cases and is well-versed in the different evidence requirements.

Justice, healing, and accountability are not
just words to us.
They are our guiding principles.

What to Expect: Our Process

Families and victims are often overwhelmed in the wake of sexual abuse. The immediate issues facing victims are often daunting, confusing, and stressful for victims and families. Herman Law supports victims and their families throughout litigation and we do our best to protect victims from the intimidations that go along with a sexual abuse case: police involvement, state investigations, school meetings, phone calls from attorneys and investigators, media coverage, surprise lawsuits, and emotional devastation.

We are empathetic to the fact that speaking about the experience can be incredibly difficult. Our attorneys are open and patient with victims. We believe it is through sharing the traumatic experience that often begins the journey to healing, and our streamlined process is designed to get right to the core of the issue, leaving no stone unturned.

Herman Law lays out the step-by-step roadmap for victims to take control and get their life back on track.

The initial 30 days are crucial for successfully litigating a sexual abuse lawsuit. During this time, Herman Law focuses on developing the case and positioning it in the most advantageous way for our client. The process includes strategy discussions with the client, implementing the confirmed strategy, and the diligent preservation and collection of evidence. The in-house Special Investigative Unit at Herman Law is deeply thorough and works in tandem with the attorney assigned to your case.

Forever on Your Side

While earning a positive result that compensates and provides justice for survivors of sexual abuse is our ultimate goal, the team at Herman Law understands the sensitive, confusing, and emotional situations our clients face. We place great emphasis and pride in ensuring that the litigation process is as positive, empowering, and stress-free as possible.

All consultations are free and confidential. We can help in any state. Get in touch today by calling