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New York Child Victims Act
California Child Victims Act
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Jeff Herman Explains Your Rights

As a voice for victims, Jeff Herman and Herman Law seek justice against perpetrators and the organizations that employed them. Adults who were child victims of abuse by teachers, priests, coaches, and foster parents should contact us today to learn their options.


Now is Your Time to Act

If you were sexually abused in New York, New Jersey, or California as a child, you now have the right to bring a claim and hold the institution (Church, School, Foster Care, etc.) accountable, regardless of how old you are or how long ago it happened. The window to file your lawyer suit is open for a limited time only.


Childhood Sexual Abuse

The shame and embarrassment that you might feel are not your burdens to bear, nor should they keep you from living the life you deserve. You do not need to suffer alone and in silence. We often represent victims even when their sexual abuse or rape occurred decades ago. It may not be too late for you to pursue legal action.


Empowerment & Protection

Shattered trust is not easily restored. Our attorneys have helped countless courageous and amazing survivors of sexual abuse and rape take back their lives and begin their healing. A civil lawsuit is only a part of the total journey. We also know that picking up the phone to call us is one of the hardest things you will ever do.

Client Testimonials


“If I were speaking to another family of abuse, I would tell that if you are looking for someone to take you seriously, treat you with respect and integrity I would call the Herman Law firm.”
“I hired Herman Law because they were just as passionate about defending my daughter’s rights as I am.”
“I recommend Jeff Herman for sexual abuse cases based on my experience co-counseling cases with him in the past. His experience is second to none, he’s very passionate in representing victims of sexual abuse, and very compassionate when dealing with the victims and their families.”
Childhood Sex Abuse

We are Your Voice to Seek Justice

We represent victims of sexual abuse in civil cases. Our attorneys have extensive experience advocating for survivors of sexual abuse, exploitation and rape. We are dedicated to helping victims of these horrible crimes heal the wounds of their abuse by empowering them through the legal process.

Start the healing process today

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