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Herman Law Referring Attorney Testimonial

My name is Stephen Farbman, I’m a personal injury trial lawyer certified as a specialist by the Florida bar in personal injury trial and civil trial law for more than 30 years I’ve helped people who’ve been harmed by the recklessness of others in all types of cases like car accidents premises liability and products liability.

I had a client several years ago that was sadly sexually assaulted while with some governmental agencies. I met Jeff Herman at a legal convention and was very impressed that Jeff and Herman law. Sole specialize in aiding victims of sexual assault cases. He’s probably one of the most prominent Lawyers in South Florida if not in the United States. With regard to aiding these victims and empowering them to stand up against their accusers, and having the resources to fight for them and bring justice against those that have wronged them so that is the reason that I co-counsel several cases with Jeff throughout the years.

Jeff and Herman law have an unbelievable office staff with highly qualified individuals from incredible lawyer’s, research lawyer’s, government lawyers, and private investigators that are able to work up the cases, leave no stone unturned and present the case most favorably for these people because they are vigorously litigated by the entities and agencies that cause harm to them and the perpetrators.

I recommend Jeff Herman for sexual abuse cases based on my experience with co-counsel on cases with him in the past.

His experience is second to none, he’s very passionate in representing victims of sexual abuse and very compassionate, when dealing with the victims and their families.