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Vatican Officials to visit Mexico to investigate Sex Abuse

Two Vatican officials who were investigating the sexual abuse allegations by Clergy will visit Mexico this month on a fact finding mission. 

Archbishop Charles Scicluna  and Monsignor Jordi Bertomeu will meet with alleged victims and church leaders on this week long visit to the worlds second largest Roman Catholic country. 

The Church had requested assistance fro the Vatican to help the vulnerable and young in Mexico.

“We’re confident it will improve the response to these cases, looking for civil and canonical justice under the principles of zero tolerance, so that no case goes unpunished in our Church,” Miranda , the Auxiliary Bishop Alfonso Miranda Guardiola, general secretary of the bishops’ conference said.

Scicluna  and Bertomeu are part of a  fact finding group that was created last year by Pope Francis to help in countries where the Church had no guidance for dealing with sexual abuse cases. They had also led the investigation into sexual abuse in Chile back in 2018 which sparked the resignation of some of the Countrys top bishops. 

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