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Alabama Department of Human Resources named in lawsuit where couple allegedly sexually abused foster care children

Jenise and Daniel Spurgeon, a foster care couple from Cape Coral, have been named in at least 3 lawsuits accusing them of sexual abuse, rape, torture and human trafficking of children that were under their foster care.

The couple have been accused of sexually abusing at least 15 children. Each of the victims were female and are seeking $25 Million in damages. The suits claim that the couple would torture, abuse, rape and human traffic the children. The victims were placed in the home under the foster care system and some were even adopted by the couple, 

Daniel Spurgeon was sentenced to 25 years in prison with no chance of parole. Jenise Spurgeon is still awaiting trial for the sex crimes outlined in the lawsuits.

Alabama Department of Human Resources Commissioner Nancy Buckner and some unnamed case workers have also been named as defendants in the lawsuit for failing to do anything to stop the abuse.

The suits claim that Alabama department which oversees child protective services had failed to take action despite receiving several complaints of sexual abuse and neglect.

The couple is accused of additional criminal charges in Lee County.

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