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Dr. Gregory Miscik, family counselor in Latrobe, accused of sexually abusing underage female patients

Gregory Miscik, a family counselor in Latrobe, has been accused of child sexual abuse and sex trafficking of his own clients, who were all young children.

Known as Dr. Miscik, the family counselor has been accused of sexually abusing his female young clients at his office at Ligonier Avenue in Latrobe.

Police have been conducting and investigation for 2 years and  police officer Michelle Preston had this comment; “During the investigation, I found out he, once again, had inappropriate advances toward one of his clients,” 

“He asked to view her nude photos when she was 13 years of age. Also, asked her to take more photos of herself nude and in exchange for money. He would pay them during their therapy sessions,” said Preston.

During the investigation, it was clear that Dr. Miscik had behaved in classic predatory behavior by  providing therapy sessions and gain the young female victims trust  and then he would sexually abuse  them.

The investigators discovered that school districts would refer at-risk students to Miscik’s  practice. Miscik’s recent charges include sexual abuse of children,  trafficking in individuals, and corruption of minors.

Police believe there are several  other alleged victims. They say it is difficult to help these child victims heal because they now have a lack of trust of therapists. 

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