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Williamson County resident accused of sexually assaulting two small children at wife’s daycare.

A Williamson County resident, Taylor Acord, is facing charges of sexually assaulting a child while in the childcare services run by his wife Kimberly.  Acord’s wife is a nurse who has been running a child daycare since 2011. 

Taylor was charged with indecency with a child and aggravated sexual assault back in February.  The charges get worse, as Taylor was accused of having oral sex with a 5 year old girl and improperly touching a 2 year old girl on separate incidents at his wife’s day care. The day care is located in Round Rock. 

The Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) said the victim reported the incident by saying the owner (Taylor) had put his private parts in her mouth multiple times when she was only 5 years old. The victim says that Taylor had told her she was the “special one”  and that was the reason she was the only one he did that to. She had drawn a picture of herself laying on the floor in the kitchen of the house where the day care was and a man without a shirt on was holding his penis. 

A second parent notified a Dell Children’s Hospital social worker that her two year old daughter was also sexually abused by Acord. The parent said her daughter told her that Acord touched her genitals. 

The Accords both deny the allegations.

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