Science Teacher in 1970 accused of sexually abusing 4 students

A Maine-Endwell School District District has been accused of sexually abusing\ 4 students in 1970.Robert Goodwin, the former science teacher has been accused of sexually abusing four unnamed students at the Maine Memorial School dating back to 1970.

All four lawsuits were filed the same day claim that Goodwin sexually abused them and that all 4 victims reported the incident to the schools principal at the time and there was never any follow up or investigation conducted y the school district. Attorneys representing the four accusers have filed lawsuits under the Child Victims Act  and site the negligence by the school district.

Goodwin was hired by the Maine-Endwell school district in the late 1960’s and the alleged abuse took place in 1970. The first suit filed against Goodwin claims that the victim was just 12 years old and Goodwin was his science and sex education teacher. 

“Goodwin took advantage of (the victim’s) inexperience and youth, and under the pretext of providing science and sex education as his teacher, Goodwin presented himself as a charismatic teacher, grooming (the victim) for subsequent abuse,” the lawsuit said.

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