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Perpetrator pleads guilty to child molestation at day care center

According to court records, Jayrico Hamilton pleaded guilty to three counts of lewd and lascivious conduct on Monday. The former teacher at Bright Horizons Child Care and Learning Center was arrested last year after multiple parents came forward and said their children were sexually abused by Hamilton.

He is currently being held in the Orange County jail without bond. Hamilton is expected to be sentenced in May. 

“The guilty plea provides validation for the victims that something terrible happened. A crime was committed. And it’s not the children’s fault,” said Jeff Herman, a nationally recognized trial lawyer for victims of sexual abuse.

“The victim and family will be dealing with the aftermath of what was done to them for years to come. It’s a lifelong sentence for the victim. But there’s strong family support which is critical on the path to healing. We look forward to a full measure of justice in the civil case,” said Mr. Herman.

Jeff Herman is a trial lawyer who specializes in helping survivors of rape, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation. For over two decades now, Jeff has represented more than 1,000 victims of all ages, and he prides himself in making a significant difference for children in particular. Today, Herman Law has some of the nation’s leading childhood sexual abuse attorneys who are not afraid to be pioneers in the legal industry and champions of their clients’ rights.

WATCH the entire story here, courtesy of ABC Orlando.

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