Report Alleges Sexual Misconduct at Saint Ann’s, Prestigious Brooklyn Private School

A yearlong investigation has found allegations of sexual misconduct, including male teachers having sex with students, at Saint Ann’s School, a Brooklyn private school known for its experimental educational approach and artistic culture.

In a letter sent Monday to parents, employees and alumni, school leaders said witnesses in interviews identified 19 former Saint Ann’s faculty and staff members who had potentially engaged in sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior with students over the span of three decades.

The findings are the latest revelation in the recent movement of established private schools reckoning with their histories of sexual abuse or misconduct, which accelerated in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

But Saint Ann’s has long prided itself on being different from its elite brethren and is considered one of the most progressive private schools in the city. Tuition for the K-12 school, which serves just over 1,000 students, costs about $40,000 a year for preschool and goes up to roughly $47,000 for high school.

Whether religious or non-denominational, parents expect their kids to be safe when paying extra money for their children to attend private schools. Unfortunately, extra tuition costs do not necessarily equal extra safety for the students in the care of private schools.

In 2019, New York passed the Child Victims Act that will allow for action to be taken. Under the new law, victims of child sexual abuse will have one year to file a lawsuit no matter when the abuse occurred. This is a start to resolving years of corruption and cover-ups that have hurt so many.

Heman Law has successfully represented numerous sexual abuse victims in lawsuits against private schools across the country.



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