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New York Child Victims Act Spurs New Jersey and Maryland to Pass Similar Bills, Giving Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse a Voice

Numerous states are continually working to give a voice to victims of childhood sexual abuse. Following in the wake of New York passing the Child Victims Act, New Jersey and Maryland are bringing similar bills to fruition.

In New Jersey, the senate passed a bill that will allow victims to file a lawsuit up until age 55. In addition, the law, if signed, would open up a two year window for victims of any age to file lawsuits and seek justice.

In Maryland, the House of Delegates has passed a preliminary approval of a bill that will completely null the statute of limitations for civil sex abuse cases moving forward and will also open a window until October 2021 for victims of any age to file a civil law suit.

If passed, these windows will allow for all the victims who have been suffering to seek the justice they deserve and hold the institutions who wronged them accountable. Jeff Herman, a nationally recognized attorney for victims of sexual abuse said, “It is imperative to the healing process for victims to have their voices heard. The recognition of institutions wrongdoing and harm provides a basis of justice to the brave survivors of childhood sexual abuse.”

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