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Catholic Diocese of Rochester, Bishop Emeritus Matthew Clark admits reassigning priests after allegations of sex abuse

In part of bankruptcy proceedings for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester, Bishop Emeritus Matthew Clark,  has admitted under oath that priests who have been accused of sex abuse in the past were still allowed to continue to serve in ministry.

 Bishop Clark was asked about  50 + priests who were accused of sexual abuse of children. 

Some priests he claimed he did not remember, but he did admit to sending Rev. Eugene Emo for treatment after learning about his sexual abuse allegations before reassigning him to another parish where he would still be involved with children.

Bishop Clark is 82 and has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Diocesan officials were concerned and objected to his being questioned.

This week the diocese issued a statement, saying he was inhibited by  his diagnosis of early onset Alzheimers.

“As a result of these limitations, the deposition is in many instances imprecise and inaccurate and thus calls into question whether it is a credible addition to the bankruptcy case record,” the statement continues.

As part of the bankruptcy case,  sex abuse survivors are looking for claims against the diocese before The Child Victims Act in New York is set to expire on Aug. 14.

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