Thomas Ciccotta - Sex Abuse Law Firm

Thomas Ciccotta

Thomas Ciccotta has been advocating on behalf of victims of sexual abuse since the beginning of his career. Prior to joining Herman Law, Thomas practiced law in Manhattan where he handled a mixture of personal injury, medical malpractice, and sex abuse cases. Thomas understands that healing from sexual trauma can be a complicated, life-long process. …

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Justin - Sex Abuse Law Firm

Justin R. Felton

Justin R. Felton is a dedicated and effective attorney advocating for individuals who have been victims of sexual abuse. Justin brings a special understanding and sense of justice to his clients with his personable nature and thoughtful approach to all aspects of litigation.

Blake - Sex Abuse Law Firm

Blake J. Woodhall

Blake J. Woodhall has developed a strong reputation as an effective trial lawyer and an ethical, civil member of the legal community during his 20+ years of practice. Blake is a dedicated advocate for individuals who have been victims of

Daniel - Sex Abuse Law Firm

Daniel Ellis

Daniel Ellis is a dedicated advocate for victims of sexual abuse. Daniel first joined Herman Law as a law clerk in 2012 and he is proud to continue his work with survivors as an attorney with the firm. Daniel received

Jeff Herman - Sex Abuse Law Firm

Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman is a nationally-recognized trial lawyer and advocate for survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.