Former St Tammany Sheriff accused of sexually abusing young boy


A former St Tammany Parish Sheriff Rodney “Jack” Strain is accused of repeatedly sexually abusing a 6 year old decades ago.  

Mark Finn, now age 50,  is One of the alleged victims of sexual abuse filing a civil lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that Finn had to endure years of abuse and non-consensual sex including being forced to perform sex acts with animals.

Finn, grew up and became a criminal, held this secret his entire life until recently when her broke his silence about the alleged abuse by Strain. Finn alleges the sexual abuse began when Finn was 6-years-old and Strain a teenager.

“Sick stuff and I remember this stuff. I remember everything,” Finn said.

In the civil petition, Finn claims that the abuse took place three to five times a week over a period of six years.

The lawsuit alleges Strain would hold Finn down and threaten him if he didn’t perform the sex acts or watch Strain perform them.The claim alleges that Strain made, “…unwanted and non-consensual sexual advances towards Mark J. Finn in his adult life while Strain was the acting Sheriff.”The former sheriff is currently facing eight criminal sex abuse counts, including aggravated rape and incest charges involving as many as four victims in state court. He was also charged in a 13-count indictment in federal court on corruption charges including bribery.

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