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For decades, Robert Hadden, M.D., sexually assaulted women while working at the prestigious Columbia University Hospital. Learn more about this lawsuit, the victims, and settlements. Hospital and health care sexual abuse may be more common than you realize.

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The Dr. Robert Hadden Lawsuit

Two women filed lawsuits against Dr. Hadden in Manhattan Supreme Court in June 2013. They alleged that the former New York-Presbyterian Columbia Hospital gynecologist sexually assaulted them during their medical examinations.

One of the plaintiffs filed a police report against Hadden in June 2012. The police briefly detained Hadden, but no criminal charges were pressed.

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In the decade since the first police report against Hadden, the cases around the gynecologist’s sexual assault have witnessed substantial development. The New York State Court convicted Hadden in 2016, and he pled guilty to a third-degree criminal sex act and forcible touching. He now awaits a federal court trial on eight criminal charges of bringing six women, including a minor, across state lines with the intent of sexual abuse.

recently unsealed federal indictment claims that Hadden sexually assaulted countless female patients over more than 20 years. These assaults are estimated to have occurred between 1993 and 2012, but some unknown attacks may have happened before 1993.

The Columbia University Irving Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian recently reached a $165 million agreement with 147 of Hadden’s previous patients. The current resolution follows a similar settlement outcome seen in 2021 for $71.5 million and distributed among 79 of the former gynecologist’s past patients.

If Hadden sexually assaulted you, you could join the women who have stood up against sexual assault. A $165 million settlement has been set aside by Columbia University and New York Presbyterian. It will be distributed to the women who alleged sexual abuse by former gynecologist Robert Hadden.

However, Columbia University’s administration has failed to notify thousands of patients about Hadden’s history of abuse.

Passage of the New York Adult Survivors Act

The New York Adult Survivors Act offers a one-year window for survivors of sexual violence to prosecute their perpetrators and employers. Victims of sexual abuse have only a limited amount of time to file legal action against their abuser before the statute of limitations runs out. The Adult Survivors Act grants survivors a one-year window to file legal claims, regardless of an expired statute of limitations.

Advocates of the Adult Survivors Act say that victims need time to process their sexual assault, fear, and trauma. Many victims fail to report sexual violence or even sexual harassment for fear of retaliation or social repercussions. Some may not even realize the incident qualifies as sexual assault until years after.

The window opens six months after the Adult Survivors Act’s effective date and stays open for one year. This gives survivors time to process the opportunity and take action to file their legal claims. The window opens on Nov. 24, 2022, and closes on Nov. 24, 2023.

Additionally, in 2019 the New York Legislature extended the statute of limitations for lawsuits pertaining to sex crimes. While that law was not issued retroactively, the Adult Survivors Act’s one-year window allows previous survivors to claim justice against their abusers.

The Adult Survivors Act and the Dr. Robert Hadden Lawsuit

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If Hadden sexually assaulted you, but the statute of limitations previously kept you time-barred from pressing charges, the Adult Survivors Act offers an opportunity. Over the next year, you can join the women who have spoken out against Hadden’s gross sexual misconduct and sexual assault against his former female patients.

If you are a former gynecological patient of Hadden, and he exhibited sexual misconduct during your examinations, you may be eligible to receive significant damages. Our team of professional sexual assault attorneys is well-versed in claims against hospitals and healthcare providers, including claims against Dr. Hadden. We can help you with your legal claim.

Robert Hadden's Victims

More than 200 women have alleged that Dr. Hadden sexually assaulted them during a medical examination. Together with last year’s settlement, 228 women have received settlement money. Here are some of his victims and their stories.

Evelyn Yang

Ms. Yang is a Columbia University graduate and the wife of the former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang. In 2020, she accused Hadden of sexual assault in his medical office, committed in 2012. The most serious offense occurred when Hadden grabbed her, undressed her, and examined her internally without a glove. She knew he was assaulting her, but like many victims, she kept quiet in the aftermath of her abuse. She refrained from sharing the story with anyone, even her husband and family.

In 2020, she offered an exclusive interview with CNN, opening up about surviving sexual assault.

Marissa Hoechstetter

Marissa Hoechstetter claims to be the first survivor to take her story public in a 2018 BuzzFeed article. On her first visit, he asked inappropriate questions. On her second visit, when she was newly pregnant, he spent longer on her breast exam and seemed unnecessarily touchy. She also noticed there was no nurse in the room.

Her third visit was later in her pregnancy. She felt Dr. Hadden rub her inappropriately during the gynecological exam. During a post-pregnancy checkup a year after giving birth, she felt his tongue and facial hair against her body. Hoechstetter froze, and then he left the room. She got up and left, stunned, never to return.

She struggled with whether to tell anyone, but it continued to bother her. Once she learned another woman accused him of sexual assault, her doubts disappeared. Two years later, in 2015, she spoke with a prosecutor.

Timeline of the Dr. Robert Hadden Lawsuit


Hadden was licensed to practice medicine in New York. Shortly after his licensing, he began practicing gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center and affiliated hospitals.


Hadden’s sexual abuses are estimated to occur during this window, although some cases may have arisen earlier.

Police arrest Hadden in 2012 after a former patient told police Hadden sexually assaulted her during a gynecological exam.

Six weeks after Hadden’s arrest, he was practicing at Columbia again without restraint when he sexually assaulted Evelyn Yang. She was seven months pregnant.

In August 2012, Hadden stopped practicing medicine.


Hadden was indicted on a charge of alleged criminal sex acts.


Marissa Hoechstetter spoke with a prosecutor about Hadden’s sexual assault.


Hadden pled guilty to a third-degree criminal sex act and forcible touching. He was forced to surrender his medical license but received no prison time.


Hadden was indicted on six counts of enticing and inducing victims to travel interstate to his offices in New York with the intent to abuse them sexually. The victims included five adults and one minor.

In July, Hadden pled not guilty.


Columbia University Irving Medical Center and NewYork Presbyterian Hospital reached a $71.5 million settlement with 79 of Hadden’s former patients.


In May, New York’s Adult Survivors Act was signed into law.

In October, Columbia University Irving Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital reached a $165 million agreement with 147 of Hadden’s former patients.

On Nov. 24, the Adult Survivors Act’s one-year look-back window opens to pursue civil action against those who committed a sexual offense.

Also, on Nov. 24, Herman Law filed a Class Action Complaint on behalf of victims of Dr. Hadden against multiple defendants, including New York Presbyterian Hospital, in the New York Supreme Court.


The Hadden case is scheduled to go to trial.

On November 24th, 2023, the Adult Survivors Act’s look-back window will close.

Class Action Complaint filed by Herman Law

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The numerous sexual assaults have affected countless women in New York and the surrounding states who have yet to come forward. You might have been a victim if you were a gynecological patient at Columbia University between the early 1990s and 2012. A conversation with a sexual assault lawyer can help you determine your eligibility.