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Former teacher, Boy Scout leader faces more child sex abuse charges in Utah

Former teacher, Boy Scout leader faces more child sex abuse charges in Utah

UTAH— South Ogden police are seeking additional victims of a former schoolteacher and Boy Scout leader accused of child sexual abuse.

Kenneth William Prince, 61, was already facing multiple charges of child pornography before he was arrested Monday for child sexual abuse charges, Deseret News reported.

Prince’s latest arrest stems from an allegation of child sexual abuse that occurred several years ago, police said.

On September 26th, Kenneth Prince was charged with five countsof sexual exploitation of a minor.

The investigation began after a man reported to law enforcement that he was sexually molested by Prince more than a decade ago. During a search of Prince’s home, police uncovered a laptop with sexually explicit photos of young boys during a search of Prince’s home.

At least eight other victims have come forward since Prince’s September arrest and there are believed to be more, police said.

According to, Prince was a longtime Boy Scout leader in the South Ogden area and a teacher at South Ogden Junior High School from 1979 until 2008.

Just a month before he retired, Prince was arrested by Salt Lake City police for committing a lewd act at a gym. He pleaded guilty to committing a lewd act in 2010 and his case was dismissed.

This story, while deeply disturbing, is also a testament to the collective empowerment of survivors.

When one brave survivor has the courage to come forward, other victims are empowered to break their silence.

The best way to protect children is to expose predators and the institutions that protect them.

Thanks to the courage of one brave man who came forward after more than a decade, children are safer and other victims will be empowered to stop suffering in silence.

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