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Former Johnsburg High School employee admits to sex abuse against students

Former Johnsburg High School employee admits to sex abuse against students

A McHenry County judge sentenced an ex-Johnsburg High School employee to prison after he confessed in court to having inappropriate contact with two teenage students, reports the Northwest Herald

Damon Malone, 40, pleaded guilty Friday to the amended charges of criminal sexual abuse and aggravated battery in public place, Class 4 and Class 3 felonies.  Malone was sentenced to three years in prison for the sexual abuse conviction and four years in prison for the aggravate battery conviction.

The sentences will run concurrently with one another.  Once released, Malone will serve one year of mandatory supervised release and must register as a sex offender for 10 years.

According to Assistant State’s Attorney Sheryl Eisenstein, Malone was arrested in St. Louis last year, was charged with criminal sexual assault.  That charge was dismissed in exchange for his guilty plea.

Eisenstein said that Malone forced a girl in his car in a store parking lot to perform a sexual act at the threat of violence back in February of last year.  She said Malone “threatened” the victim by saying he would release a photo to a third party if she did to comply.

In a separate incident but also occurring in February 2015, Eisenstein said, Malone forced an open-mouthed kiss on a female victim in a parking lot.

At the high school, Malone worked as an assistant football coach and had volunteered with the high school’s theater department, according to school officials.

Although this will not erase what happened to these young girls, I hope Malone’s guilty plea will serve as validation that will help them to begin the healing process.  

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