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Former Cooper City private school teacher accused of sexual abuse

Former Cooper City private school teacher accused of sexual abuse

Police are searching for a former teacher suspected of sexually abusing students who attended a private Cooper City School.According to the Sun-Sentinel, Tariq Ahmad, a former teacher at Nu-Ul-Islam Academy in Cooper City, faces several sex crime related charges.

According to the school, officials suspended Ahmad when police started investigating earlier this year and terminated him in early October after an arrest warrant was issued.

Police say the accusations stem from alleged incidents occurring approximately between 2006 and 2008.

The female former students were 14 and 15 when Ahmed forced them into sexual relationships, a lawsuit stated.

The lawsuit alleges Ahmad used text messages and social media to contact the girls.

This story is a classic grooming case. Often, predators are very good at finding out what works with a victim to gradually develop a trusting relationship, so that by the time the sex starts, it is difficult for the victim to see what’s happening.

I commend the brave victims in this case for coming forward and breaking their silence. It is my hope that school officials are doing everything in their power to reach out to potential witnesses or victims of Ahmad and urging them to report any information they have to law enforcement.

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