Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against New Tribes Mission

Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against New Tribes Mission

Jeff Herman, a nationally-recognized attorney for survivors of rape and sexual abuse, announced the filing of a lawsuit against New Tribes Mission for the alleged sexual abuse of a six-year-old girl by her “Dorm Dad” at the organization’s Fanda Missionary School.

This latest lawsuit against New Tribes Mission, an international Christian mission organization based in Seminole County, Florida, alleges that Jane Doe, a child of missionary parents, was sexually abused by her dormitory supervisor and Bible studies teacher, Dave Brooks, when she was between the ages of approximately six through eight and living in the Fanda Dormitory in Senegal.

According to the Complaint, the sexual abuse began in or around 1987, when Brooks would molest Jane in her room during late night “bed checks”. The Complaint also alleges that New Tribes Mission officials purposely and fraudulently concealed information about other sexual abuse allegations against Brooks.

An investigation of child abuse at the school conducted by Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE) estimated that 22 to 27 missionary kids were sexually abused at the New Tribes Fanda Mission School.

According to the study (full report here:, “The most extensively reported perpetrator of child sexual abuse against the MKs of Fanda was David Brooks. As the dorm father of the Little Dorm, David Brooks was in a position of trust, which he repeatedly used to pursue his destructive abuse. He sexually abused one of his victims over 50 times. Others were too young to count the number of times they were wrongfully touched by David Brooks.”

The report also states that no documented efforts were taken to notify authorities regarding criminal actions found in the study.

Jeff Herman, the attorney for Jane Doe No. 25, said, “David Brooks was looked upon as a father by the children in his class. According to our lawsuit, Brooks used this position to sexually abuse vulnerable children while the New Tribes Mission stayed silent.”

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