Chicago preschool teacher arrested for sexually molesting toddlers at daycare

Chicago preschool teacher arrested for sexually molesting toddlers at daycare

A Chicago preschool teacher is accused of sexually molesting two 3-year-old students during nap-time and in a bathroom at a South Loop school.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Jian Feng, 25, is charged with four counts of criminal sexual assault for the incidents at the Easter Seals National Teacher’s Academy at 2215 Federal Street.

Feng allegedly touched one of the girls in a bathroom at the school. S Surveillance video captured Feng and the child walking in and out of the bathroom, the Tribune reported.

In a second incident this month, Feng allegedly touched another girl’s genitals while she was lying down for a nap. According to prosecutors, surveillance video showed Feng with the girl. Feng pulled back her covers and reached into her pants, prosecutors said in court. Feng told authorities he did it because he was “curious.”

One girl reported to her mother that he touched her, the Chicago Sun Times reported.

A relative found blood in the other child’s underwear and the girl told her what happened, prosecutors said.

Feng was arrested Friday after guardians of the children told authorities about the acts.

Before denying Feng bail, Cook County Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr. told him he posed “a grave danger to all children.”

I commend the very young and courageous child victims in this case for reporting the alleged abuse to their families and I applaud their families for responding swiftly. Thanks to their action, a danger was removed from the  the lives of other innocent young children will be saved. 

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