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Voice of Elmo Resigns Amid Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Filed by Jeff Herman

Woman: We had a sexual relationship but we did not have intercourse until years later.

Interviewer 1: [Inaudible 00:00:10] What does that mean? You had a sexual relationship but you didn’t have intercourse until years later?

Woman: Yeah. I guess you were…

Interviewer 2: So there was…When…

Interviewer 1: [Inaudible 00:00:22]

Interviewer 2: When he was 15 and 16, there was sexual contact but not intercourse.

Interviewer 1: What kind?

Interviewer 2: Do you want to talk about the details or no? You don’t have to.

Woman: I’ll answer it, it’s fine. Groping, masturbation, just a lot of intense kissing, touching, that kind of thing, dry humping but we did not have sex and it’s imperative to note that. We did not have sexual intercourse, excuse me, until years later when I was an adult. I broke it off two weeks into my initial relationship with Kevin at 15 mainly because I just remember telling myself that he seemed to really like me and I remember just telling myself “Let me spare him now because I know that I can’t do this.” If I had to make an educated guess and say if we had stayed together, we more than likely would have had sex at that age.

Interviewer 1: So how long did you have this groping relationship with him? How many years or months did this go on?

Woman: About two weeks.

Interviewer 1: Two weeks.

Woman: Yeah.

Interviewer 1: So…