Father Neil Doherty Named in Another Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Filed by Jeff Herman

Woman: Moving on now to the Archdiocese of Miami, which is facing yet another lawsuit over allegations of sexual abuse by a priest who has been accused of this before. The latest lawsuit was filed on behalf of 43-year-old Dennis Montero. He says he was 15 when he was sexually abused by Father Neil Doherty, who is currently in Broward Jail awaiting trial on sexual battery charges. Montero says Doherty not only abused him but gave him money to recruit other boys.

Dennis: He could routinely give me money. He gave me $80, $50, $100. Bought me beer, bought me marijuana. He would offer me money if I could bring him other kids so that he can have sex with them.

Woman: The archdiocese has released a statement which reads in part, “As always, the Catholic Church’s concerns are for the victims and a prevailing sense of justice and healing.”