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Herman Law Client Testimonial 2

My experience as Jeff’s client was awesome from start to finish.


He really made me feel that I was important and that my story matter. I decided to pick Jeff and his team to represent me because not only that they have knowledge about the law but they also understood me as a person like they would call me just to make sure my son was OK, and they didn’t have to do that. So, I really appreciated that the human approach that I received from the Herman law team was amazing. When I spoke to them it was never rushed it was never a just about the law. It was how are you doing today, how is your son, is he in therapy? What can we do for you besides just the civil case? It was basically you are important as a person and that I really loved.

If I’ll be speaking to another family of abuse, I would definitely tell them that if you’re looking for someone who would take you serious; Treat you with respect and integrity to not hesitate to call “Herman Law firm” because by me picking him he makes sense out of a senseless situation and I’m very grateful because of his knowledge we went to a trial and we were successful. So it made all the difference.