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Sixth Sexual Assault Filed Against Doral Golf Resort & Spa

Man: A popular spa in south Florida is being accused yet again of sexually assaulting clients.

Shannon: In a lawsuit filed this week, a woman is accusing the Doral Golf and Spa of knowing about the assault yet doing nothing about it. CBS 4 News reporter David Sutta joins us now with details. David?

David: Yeah, Shannon when you get a massage, you leave yourself quite vulnerable. These women trusted they were in the safe hands of a well-established spa. According to this lawsuit today, though, they were not. The Doral Golf and Spa is yet again making headlines facing now a sixth lawsuit alleging sexual assaults. The incident happening in the high-end spa by a former employee.

Jeff: While she’s getting a massage, she was sexually assaulted by the masseuse a guy named John Pacheco. She reported this assault when it happened back in May of 2010 and, unfortunately, the spa did not remove him. We know that because he then assaulted two other women the following summer.

David: Attorney Jeffery Herman says his client, in her early 20s, trusted the spa would fire Pacheco. Herman says that it didn’t act until after a second incident was reported. It was little, too late.

Jeff: This young woman wants her day in court. She wants to tell the world that she did report it and that these other women never should have been abused.

David: According to Herman, the Doral has not one but two massage therapists assaulting women. Former employee David Muñoz was criminally charged.

Woman: A devastating nightmare that I can’t get rid of.

David: And women continue to come forward. So far two multi-million dollar lawsuits brought against the hotel have been settled. Herman believes more is yet to come.

Jeff: Usually, it’s not just one victim. In this case, I know it’s not just one victim from what these women are alleging.

David: We reached out to the Doral which is owned by Donald Trump. They did not return our calls or emails for comment. David Sutta, CBS 4 News.

Shannon: David, thanks. Coming…