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The benefits to suing in a sexual abuse case

There ‘s a lot of benefits in a sexual abuse case, for the victims, other than the money damages.


You know what I mean. Money is our measure of justice in a civil lawsuit, that’s our system of justice. There’s no magic wand, you know we talked about there is no snap of the fingers that can take away what was done, so in our system of justice the money is how we compensate a victim. But really in my experience the money is symbolic. At the end of the case, the victims are not that concerned about the money. What they’re more interested in is the fact that by going through the civil case and having a voice and being empowered that they feel as though they’ve begun that healing process. And also, it’s important for victims in a civil case and that they can bring about change. And they do that by exposing predators and institutions that protect them.

One of the best ways to protect kids in the future, is to expose these institutions and certainly exposing the predators. And so a lot of victims, for many victims the most important thing for them is that they’ve exposed the predator and they’ve protected other kids from being sexually abused in the future.