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I was raped in school, is the school responsible?

If you were raped or sexually assaulted in a school, the school may be responsible and it’s like any other institutional case we’re going to look at number one whether or not the school was negligent and what that means is where there red flags was the school on notice that the perpetrator, whether it’s another student, or whether it’s a teacher was unsafe.

What we find is we investigate, in many cases unfortunately they’re not the first victim. And that once someone’s a predator, there’s usually more than one victim and so we research that we investigate that to see whether or not there was notice to the institution. Now school cases if they’re public school cases or public universities may have another type of claim that can be brought in.

That’s called a Title Nine claim and Title Nine claim is basically a federal claim that can be brought against schools, where there is notice of sexual harassment and they don’t take what we call remedial action, after receiving the notice to protect students.