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I was abused by a Scoutmaster as a child, what do I do?

We handle a lot of Boy Scout cases.


Unfortunately for decades there were a lot of Boy Scouts who were being abused by troop leaders, and what we know is that the Boy Scouts were keeping confidential files, we call the proverbial files on Boy Scout leaders and these files were created when a boy scout leader was caught abusing kids is they created this confidential file and didn’t tell people about it. There’s hundreds of these files that we have access to and so it is importantif you were in as a Boy Scout abused by a Boy Scout leader that you contact a sex abuse attorney, to help you understand whether or not you may still file a claim today. Now if you’re a boy scout and you were recently sexually abused within the statute of limitations, you should definitely contact a lawyer because in most of those cases we can help you.