Your Loved One May be Living with Danger.

Victims of sexual abuse in residential care facilities and group homes have legal rights to hold these institutions accountable for abuse within the facility. In some cases, sexual abuse is perpetrated by a home health care aide caring for patients in their own homes. Our firm represents children, disabled adults, and their families in cases against the residential care facility or home health care agency responsible for hiring and supervising the abusers and their clients.

Our attorneys also represent children and adults sexually assaulted in group homes for at-risk children, autistic children, and residential care organizations.

These facilities and agencies can be responsible for failing to protect their residents from sexual predators under the following legal theories:

  • Negligent Hiring: The organization fails to conduct a reasonable background check or hires and retains an employee with a prior criminal history
  • Negligent Supervision: The organization fails to monitor the employees who have contact with children or disabled adults, or fails to follow its own procedures to prevent harm to residents and clients
  • Failure to report incidents of suspected sexual abuse to authorities as required by state law