Camps Have a Duty to Protect Children from Sexual Predators.

Residential summer camps and day camps are responsible for providing a safe environment for the children in their care. The camps are generally required to exercise reasonable care in hiring and supervising employees, so as to avoid a camper’s sexual abuse by an employee of the camp. Camps often hire experienced campers to be counselors and counselors-in-training without properly training them in preventing sexual abuse and responding to suspicions of sexual abuse. It is the camp’s responsibility to train and properly supervise all of its employees, counselors, and volunteers. In some cases, failure to properly supervise the campers can also result in a child being sexually assaulted by another camper.

Failing to protect children from sexual predators in a camp environment may give rise to a legal claim against the camp. Our firm represents victims of sexual abuse in residential and day camps nationwide when the camps fail to protect children in their care from sexual predators.