Are you a victim of Hollywood sex abuse? The powerful preying on the vulnerable has been an unacceptable part of the culture in Hollywood for far too long. Young women and men who aspire to make it in Hollywood too often experience sexual harassment, assault, and exploitation at the hands of those in control of their potential careers and success.


Hollywood Sex Abuse

Due to the tolerance, acceptance, and even facilitation of this abuse of power by the companies and corporations who run Hollywood, the “casting couch” culture of sexual coercion has unfortunately become an accepted practice in the industry.

Thanks to the collective empowerment of the brave women who have courageously spoken out against those who have abused their power for their own sexual gratification, this issue has come to the forefront of public conversation and we are working to make a change.

Herman Law believes that real change comes through financial accountability and we are committed to representing Hollywood sex abuse victims in their quest for justice, to once and for all expose and put an end to the pervasive sexual harassment and exploitation in Hollywood.