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Woman suing Archdiocese of Vancouver claiming decades of cover up of children sexually abused by clergy

A woman is suing the Archdiocese of Vancouver, claiming she was sexually assaulted years ago by Father Michael Conaghan as a child at St. Francis of Assisi School, a Catholic elementary school in Vancouver.

The Archdiocese is accused of covering up systemic abuse by priests, bishops and other members of its clergy, dating back decades. In some instances, there was alleged forcing of victims to be silent .

The allegations in the law suit claim that the Archdiocese of Vancouver  knew for years about accusations against clergy of systemic psychological, sexual, and physical abuse, but actively buried complaints.

According to the claim, “The Archdiocese was aware of the abuse and allowed the abuse to continue … This was especially true in instances of sexual abuse,”.

The Archdiocese released its own report on clergy sexual abuse late last year, confirming at least 36 cases of misconduct dating back over 5 decades.

A representative for the archdiocese of Vancouver said in an email,  “We cannot make any further comments about this case as it is now before the courts,” “But we hope the attendant publicity will help give any other victims/survivors the confidence to come forward and get the help they deserve.”

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