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Two lawsuits filed against Archdiocese of New York and St. Mary’s alleging child sex abuse

Two new lawsuits have been filed against the Archdiocese of New York and St. Mary’s by adult survivors of child sex abuse under the Child Victims Act which allows adult survivors of childhood abuse to file claims against their abusers.. Both victims claim to have been abused by  Father William Lombardy and Father Raymond Foster. Both plaintiffs claim to have had similar abuse experiences.

The suit claims that  Archdiocese and St. Mary’s were both allegedly aware of numerous clerics, priests and Church employees sexually abusing children, but their leader allegedly covered up and remained silent.

Father Raymond Foster and Father William Lombardy are the two priests named in the suits who allegedly sexually abused two altar boys. The boys, now adults,  Joseph Telesca and Anthony Mazzucca, claim the abuse occurred  at the St. Mary’s school and St. Mary’s Church (on Carpenter Avenue in the Bronx).

The suit claims that Father Raymond Foster allegedly started abusing the boys when they were as young as  9 years old and took place over a period of a few years.

According to the complaint,  Mazzucca informed St. Mary’s staff about the abuse while it was ongoing but was allegedly told he would go to hell if he kept talking about it, he was also punished.

The complaint claims  that each plaintiff’s abuse occurred separately from the other, however, both of their experiences were eerily similar.

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