New York Hospitals Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse Investigation We represent alleged sexual abuse victims at Hudson River State Hospital (currently closed), Binghamton State Hospital, and Rochester State Hospital. Bradley Kaopuiki is one of the health workers that was convicted of raping a child at the Binghamton State Hospital in 1991. he was sentenced to 132 months to 22 years in …

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Sexual Abuse In Psychiatric Treatment Facilities

Psychiatric facilities are institutions built to help patients with mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues and provide a safe place for them. Unfortunately, sexual violence and sexual offenses in psychiatric facilities have been a prominent issue, and these sexual behavior problems have not received adequate attention from regulators, researchers, and the medical facilities themselves. A …

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Hospitals Sexual Abuse

Patients go to hospitals expecting proper care, respect, and professionalism from the doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff. Unfortunately, being under the care and treatment of others leaves many patients in a highly vulnerable state, especially when they have physical limitations or are experiencing side effects of medication. Sadly, some employees take advantage of their …

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