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Online Child sex abuse to increase during COVID-19

The number of online child sexual abuse cases during Covid-19 could spike according to The National Crime Agency (NCA) and intelligence  from recent weeks shows that  there are at least 300,000 people in the UK who pose a sexual threat to children.

This new assessment of the threat for more sexual abuse cases is much higher than previously believed and investigators discovered that access to child sexual abuse content on the open web is as easy as  just three clicks.

The 300,000 estimate is from the NCA’s latest national strategic assessment, which comes from warnings from charities and law enforcement agencies over heightened risks during the coronavirus crisis.

The NCA revealed that sex abuse  offenders are already discussing opportunities over online chat forums to abuse children during the Corona virus crisis.

The NCA and United Kingdom policing arrest more than 500 child sex offenders and ensure the safety of about 700 children each month.

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