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Former YMCA Youth Volunteer accused of sexually abusing teenage boy in the 1980’s

A convicted sex offender is now accused of sexually abusing at least dozen children in the 1980s when he worked as a youth volunteer in Binghamton YMCA.

A complaint was filed last week accusing Michael Gregg of sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy in 1986 that took place over a year when the boy was in the YMCA youth program. 

Gregg, now 61, allegedly groomed and befriended the teenage boy and invited him to his home to eat pizza and play video games in Binghamton where he abused him.

The teenage boy had mental disabilities and participated in youth activities at the YMCA in Binghamton as an outlet.

The YMCA of Broome County, the Alliance of New York State YMCAs, Inc., and the YMCA of the USA are named as defendants in a lawsuit brought under the Child Victims Act. 

Michael Gregg, now age 61, was simply dismissed without punishment from the YMCA in 1987, after officials learned of the allegations.

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