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Ex-Teacher Convicted After Inappropriate Relationship with Student Denies Being the Aggressor

Bernardo Osorio was a math teacher at Miami’s Cutler Bay Senior High School in 2017 when he admitted to a sexual relationship with an underage student. In a 2017 interview with Miami-Dade Schools Police, Osorio said the student performed oral sex on him at least three times, twice at the school.

According to police records, Osorio preyed on a vulnerable student who had lost his father just months before the abuse began. The student says he was 16 when the abuse occurred.

Osorio was arrested and charged with sexual battery. Last year, he struck a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to three less serious charges of child abuse.

In a close-out memo, Miami-Dade Assistant State Attorney Laura Adams said the evidence was “overwhelming” but they opted for a “lenient plea offer” because the victim wanted to move on with his life and Osorio was not likely to re-offend.

“I’m seeing more and more sexual abuse cases involving teachers,” said Jeff Herman, a nationally recognized attorney for victims of sexual abuse. You would like to think that when you have a youth-serving organization that they will always put safety first. These institutions constantly fail kids and make poor decisions.”

WATCH the entire story here, courtesy of NBC, Miami.

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