Ex Philadelphia school police officer charged with sex abuse of young boys

Howard Rubin, 51, a retired Philadelphia school officer has been accused of child sex abuse taking place in 2013 while he was a police officer at a school. HE was charged on 12 counts including involuntary deviate sexual intercourse — an adult engaging in sodomy with a person 15 or younger. HE faces up to 20 years in prison. The charges also include statutory sexual assault of a person 11 years or older, witness/victim intimidation, and indecent assault of a person under 13 years old, and displaying obscene sexual materials.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has closed city courts and limited access to records.


IN 2014 the school fired Rubin, citing a police investigation into claims of inappropriate behavior with students. The principal James Higgins wrote that “some serious allegations have been made against you, which are now being investigated by police.… While we have yet to complete our investigation, we have determined that your behavior, at the very least, and even by your own admission, was unbecoming of a school police officer and a public employee.”

The school’s principal denied the story that CBS3 reported on Rubins firing due to sexual abuse of a child, in a letter to parents the following day.

Rubin, a Northeast Philadelphia native who had spent more than 20 years working in security at Philadelphia schools, sued CBS3 for defamation and invasion of privacy and at the time no charges were filed.

CBS3 obtained his Multicultural Academy personnel file during the litigation, which said that two days before his termination the school had received three complaints of sexually inappropriate behavior with boys by Rubin with boys.

Rubin has moonlighted as a security guard for Biggie Smalls and other rappers and recording artists, and goes by the nickname “the Philly Hip Hop Cop.”

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