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Ex Assistant Principal Of Prestigious High School accused of sexually abusing teenage girls

A woman who claims she was sexually abused by an ex Stuyvesant High School Assistant Principal when she was 16 has sued her perpetrator. Nicole Erlichman, now 52, claims that Richard Plass, assistant principal and chairman of the Biology Department, started sexually abusing her at least 3 times a week for two years when she was just a junior at he Tribeca high school. According to her Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit, Erlichman claims Plass started grooming her when she was just 15 at the prestigious  high school by “using their shared interest in science as a way to secure time alone with her,” according to the court papers filed late Friday.

Erlichman had told the then Principal Abraham Baumel  in 1985 but he “attempted to intimidate Erlichman and cause her to believe that Plass had done nothing wrong,” the lawsuit alleges.

Baumel, who died in 2015, did not tell police or her parents and did not investigate the allegations. He only warned Plass about the complaint which led to Plass harassing and haunting Erlichman for the rest of her life. Erlichman is also suing the Department of Education and Stuyvesant under the Child Victims Act for negligence. 

Plass was sentenced to just three years probation in 1999 when he admitted to molesting another 15 year old girl. HE was still eligible for his pension and an early retirement. 

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