New Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against

Woman: It’s about to start.

Jeff: Did you put that…

Woman: WYNB [SP] Radio.

Women: Press conference about to start.

Women: Okay, hold on.

Jeff: [inaudible 00:00:10] Okay. Good afternoon, my name is Jeff Herman, J-E-F-F H-E-R-M-A-N, with the law firm Herman, Mermelstein & Horowitz, and I’m here today to announce the filing of a lawsuit against a website called, their parent companies as well as against a couple individuals by the guy name of Emerson Callum and Lavont Flanders. Callum also goes by the pseudonym Jah-T.

The allegations in this case are really, really disturbing. According to my client as alleged in this lawsuit she had become a member of and posted some modeling photos of herself. She was contacted by a woman, she believed to be a woman, who claimed to be a talent scout. This woman offered her an audition in south Florida for a Bacardi commercial.

My client, thinking it’s a woman, and began to trust this woman, and gave her her phone number so she could be contacted for the commercial. Eventually, my client came to south Florida and went on what she thought was a rehearsal for an audition. She was given three shots of alcohol to drink. Unbeknownst to her, the alcohol was laced with drugs we believe with Xanax or some sort of combination of a date-rape drug, and once drugged my client was raped and video taped during the rape. She was not even aware that this happened because the drug had blocked her memories.