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What motivates Jeff Herman to fight for victims of sexual abuse?

Well it changes my life too because I feel really good about what I do, I mean I love what I do, I love going to work. There’s no greater feeling that when you know when a family comes to me the child already been abused but the feeling of being able to help them and give them a road map, and show them that there is light at the end of the tunnel. And for me the greatest point of the case is when the parents say to me; Yeah you were right Jeff, you know we now we’ve come through this and its sort of like they’ve come through the abyss and there is light and they see that light and then they’re there for their child or the adult survivor is on that journey for healing. I always say healing is a journey it’s not a destination. You know there’s no magic wand, nobody’s going to snap their fingers and a victim is going to be healed. Victims know that better than anybody, but there are important milestones along that journey and I think having a voice, in a civil case in particular, is one of those milestones. And if handled correctly, that milestone is a significant jump start for a victim on their journey of healing.