Jeff Herman and Cecil Singleton Discuss Sexual Abuse Lawsuit against Kevin Clash on Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew: [inaudible 00:00:00] workshop. Cecil, you were struggling as a 15 year old. You met this bigger than life, older man. What was going on in your life at that time?

Cecil: What a lot of people don’t know is that, I’d just gotten out of a situation where my stepfather had made sexually suggestive comments to me, and it pretty much resulted in me moving again. A lot of my family and a lot of people didn’t exactly support me.

Dr. Drew: So you had this trauma, and then you were rejected by important people in your life, yes?

Cecil: I was.

Dr. Drew: And then you found somebody who looked like he was going to support you and care for you, yes?

Cecil: I was extremely vulnerable when I met Kevin. I’d just dealt with the sit…in a sit…I just dealt with the situation where a man that I lived with and cared about for 10 years had violated my trust.

Dr. Drew: Your stepfather?

Cecil: Yes. Among that I had just gotten out of…I’d just finished spending two years in foster care. I was extremely vulnerable and as far as I’m concerned, Kevin, with his profession was in a unique position to know that I would be a receptive victim.

Dr. Drew: You mean the fact that he deals with young people?

Cecil: The fact that he dea…that he works with children, yes.

Dr. Drew: Is that your concern that he could victimize other children?

Cecil: That was pretty much my main motivation for coming forward. I felt extremely guilty, like, by seeing a decent side of him, or seeing what I wanted to, that I had put him in contact with more children, or more potential victims. And I couldn’t live with that. It was more than just a prerogative it was a duty or a sense of responsibility that made me come forward.