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My child was abused in daycare where do I start?

If your child was sexually abused in a daycare, it’s extremely important to get help as soon as possible.


You want to contact the authorities, call the abuse hotline, you want to have therapy available for your child and you should contact a sex abuse lawyer who can protect you and your child in the process and that’s important because all of a sudden now that you’re going to be involved in a criminal process where the prosecutor is not representing you. You’re a witness, and you want your child to be protected when they’re going into criminal depositions, when you’re being subpoenaed to give statements etc. and so it’s important to know your rights. You know it always amazes me is that when a pedophile is arrested, the first thing that the police tell the pedophile is you have the right to a lawyer. But we don’t tell the victim that. And the victim certainly has the same rights, the constitutional rights, as the accused pedophile and it’s important that those rights be protected.