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How can you recognize sexual abuse predators and red flags?

There are often red flag that indicate that somebody might be a sexual predator that parents can be on the lookout for.


So, I actually have an app that I’ve designed it’s a free app the parents can download called Safe Parent on my website that basically has these red flags in a quiz like format the parents can take with their kids to ask these hard questions and to get a sense and a get a gut check on whether or not there’s somebody they should be concerned about in their kid’s life. But some of the red flags are there isn’t all to spending, one spend a lot of tension with your child given child gifts, contacting your child in social media, wants to spend alone time with your child is overly touching, tickling, horse playing, these are often red flags.

Now we also see red flags in institutional environments that institutions must be aware of to protect the kids. For example, in a school, you might see some men putting kids on their laps. Well that’s a red flag that you know, why the man putting a child on his lap, depending on the age of the child you know, is the man tickling a child, well again; that’s another red flag and so on there are red flags that number one parents should be aware of, and number two, absolutely institutions must be aware of because of course predators, pedophiles are going to institutions that have kids because that’s where they’re going to be able to molest kids.