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What can I expect once I hire you?

Once you hire my firm to represent you, what you can expect is that number one, you will have my full attention. I will sit down with you, I will sit down with my investigative unit, and I’ll sit down with my lawyers. Up front we will strategize and come up with a game plan that best fits your case. We will always be focusing on making sure everything we do is to help you heal. Then what we’ll do is we’ll investigate the case. We’ll do everything we can upfront to get documents, to get witness statements, to get police reports, to get evidence in the case, then we’ll file the case. When we file the case of course you’ll be informed, it’s important to me at the firm that all my clients have constant and open communication with my firm. I have a rule here that every single client phone call and e-mail gets returned the same day period. And that will happen ,and if it doesn’t happen, you call me, and I’ll make sure it happens.

But the other things you can expect at Herman Law is that we will aggressively prosecute the case, we will move the case forward, we will we will take our depositions we would get our discovery and we will move the case forward to trial as soon as possible because I know that for the victims, there’s a tremendous human cost to these cases being delayed. While this case is being delayed, victims are waiting for justice and so by moving the cases forward aggressively and getting them resolved, we’re bringing a sense of closure, which in turn brings us a measure of justice to the victims, and my clients.