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Students with Special Needs

Students with special needs are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse due to difficulties in communicating, disclosing, and protecting themselves from predators. Special needs students are at risk of sexual abuse by predator teachers and staff, as well as other students who have difficulties with boundaries and self-control. Students with special needs, therefore, require that those

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Public Schools

Because they receive federal funding from the US Government, Public Schools are in most states, protected from liability by what is called “Sovereign Immunity”. This means that public schools either have monetary damage caps or are completely immune from being sued through normal civil lawsuits based upon negligence and other state law claims. Herman Law,

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Charter Schools

Although technically considered public schools, Charter Schools are most often run by private corporations with private interests. Because of their “public school” status, Charter Schools attempt to enjoy the profitable benefits of private schools as well as the liability protections of public schools. Herman Law has successfully fought against these attempts. https://youtu.be/DvObPyGERE4 Herman Law was

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Private Schools

Whether religious or non-denominational, parents expect their kids to be safe when paying extra money for their children to attend private schools. Unfortunately, extra tuition costs does not necessarily equal extra safety for the students in the care of private schools. https://youtu.be/DvObPyGERE4 Herman Law has successfully represented numerous sexual abuse victims in lawsuits against private

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Schools Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse In Schools All Consultations are FREE and Confidential * REQUIRED INFORMATION Related TopicsPractice Areas Boy Scouts Camps Clergy Cruise Ship Day Care Foster Care Hollywood Hospital Residential Care Facility Schools Service Industry Spas Youth Sports League

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Campus Sexual Assault

Sexual assaults happening on college campuses occur more frequently than one might think. It’s not unique to any specific college campus; sexual assaults occur on college campuses across the country. College women aged 18-24 are at a greater risk of falling victim to sexual assault on university campuses. Alcohol consumption is sometimes a contributing factor,

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